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YouTube adds live streaming features to catch up with Twitch

YouTube’s live streaming service is getting two new features that launched a couple of years ago on Amazon-owned rival Twitch: Streamers can add automatic live closed captions in lieu of professionally produced ones, and viewers can now see the text chats that went with a live stream while watching them on replay. Both of those features became available on Twitch in 2016.

In fairness, YouTube is adding some new ideas, too. Streamers can now add location tags to their videos, which in turn lets viewers see other live streams happening in the same area. YouTube is also adding IFTTT integration to its Super Chats feature, which lets viewers buy promotional placement for their chat messages. IFTTT can connect these messages to other apps and services, for instance triggering a set of smart bulbs in the streamers’ room to change color when someone purchases a Super Chat.JN

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