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The best VPS hosting of 2018

For businesses that need more security and better performance than shared hosting, VPS hosting (also known as Virtual Dedicated Server) is one possible solution.

You also get greater control over resources and it is ideal for those who cannot afford either the time or the resources required for dedicated or cloud hosting.

VPS hosting involves splitting up a single server into multiple virtual machines (hence the name Virtual Private Server). A number of different sites may be hosted on any one of these virtual machines and they are more independent and insulated from one another.

VPS users have more flexibility over their virtual spaces than with shared hosting and can customise the environment to a greater extent with reselling .

In addition, VPS users usually get a bigger share of resources (given that web hosters usually place fewer VPS on each servers) as well as priority support compared to basic shared hosting.

To help you choose a VPS hosting provider, this article gives a number of well-priced, good value-for-money options available to UK businesses.


Web: http://myhosting.com/

Price: From US$15.95 per month (approx. £9.79)

MyHosting.com is a popular and well reviewed hosting firm that has been in business since 1997. It touts its services as being affordable and reliable, offering a 100% uptime guarantee and one-to-one time credit for any service interruption. In the event of any problems, support is available 24/7 via phone, email and instant chat.

VPS packages start from US$15.95 a month for full root access, 20GB of server space, 512MB of RAM, 300GB of bandwidth and a dedicated IP address. Eight virtual processors are included and customers can raise increase the number as required. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included.



Web: http://www.hostgator.com/

Price: From US$19.95 per month (approx. £12.25)

Hostgator is another popular organisation, stating its client-base to be over 400,000. Customers receive 10GB of VPS hosting space, 384MB of RAM, 250GB of monthly bandwidth and two IP addresses for US$19.95. Each account comes with full root access, 24/7 “award-winning” support and weekly off-site backups. Provision is also made for unlimited domains, email accounts and MySQL databases.



Web: https://interserver.net/

Price: From US$6 per month (approx. £3.68)

Interserver was founded in 1999 and, at US$6 a month, offers one of the cheapest VPS hosting services featured. Your money will buy you root access, 25GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and 1TB of data transfer per month. Whilst uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%, no money-back guarantee is given. The monthly billing can be cancelled at any time, however.

Free migration is offered for those looking to move their hosting to Interserver and the company quotes a deployment time of 15 minutes.



Web: http://vps.net/

Price: From US$20 per month (approx. £12.28)

Packages with VPS.NET begin at US$20 a month and include 10GB of server space, 512MB of RAM and 3TB of monthly bandwidth. Customers can pay annually to reduce the cost by 10%. A 30-day money-back guarantee provides peace-of-mind and support is available 24/7 via email or phone.

VPS.NET quotes deployment time at 60 seconds, meaning your service can be up and running quickly and hosting can be based at one of 20 data-centres around the world to minimise load-time for website visitors.


prgrmr com

Web: http://prgmr.com/

Price: From US$48 per year (approx. £29.47)

For those who don’t need hand-holding, prgrmr.com offers the cheapest VPS hosting plan included in this article. At US$48 a year (the equivalent of US$4 a month) you’ll be given 1.5GB of server space, 64MB of RAM and 10GB of monthly bandwidth.

As a provider aimed at hosting experts, prgrmr.com gives customers full root access and little else. The low cost is based on the principle that customers receive a stripped down package and are capable of looking after it themselves.

Indeed, the website notes, “Securing your server and watching your abuse box for complaints is part of the responsibility and work that comes with running a server, virtual or otherwise; if you don’t want to deal with that, there are plenty of excellent managed service providers that will largely take care of it for you… but prgmr.com is not such a provider.”



Web: https://www.linode.com/

Price: From US$20 per month (approx. £12.28)

Linode was established in 2003 and cites its aim as being to, “provide the best possible tools and services to those that know what they need — better hosting.” Linode packages begin at US$20 per month, for which users receive 48GB of storage, 2TB of monthly bandwidth and 1GB of RAM.



Web: http://www.gandi.net/

Price: From £8.05 per month (approx. US$13.11)

Gandi trades on a promise of, “No bullshit.” Customers are assured honesty, transparency and integrity – and are asked to give the same in return.

Gandi cites its approach as different to its competitors, “Spending no money on advertising, and instead supporting the community of people working on technology that enables the Internet for business, but also for the free and unrestricted sharing of information, and for promoting the respect of individual and citizen rights.”

VPS hosting plans begin at £8.05 per month., for which users receive 3GB of space, 256MB of RAM, 500GB of monthly bandwidth and the choice of data-centre hosting in the US or Europe.



Web: http://www.cloudvps.nl/

Price: From €10.95 per month (approx. £9.23 or US$15.04)

CloudVPS (formerly XLS Hosting) is a Dutch company that was set up in 2006 and boasts clients such as Canon, Capgemini and Groupon. The company cites a strong development department as key to its success and the quality of service it provides.

Starting at From €10.95 a month, customers can receive 20GB of storage, 250GB of monthly bandwidth and 1024MB of RAM.

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