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Rich kids shamelessly flaunting their cash

THEIR entire life is an unapologetic homage to free-flowing cash, private jets, luxury food, designer clothes and lavish locations, according to their many social media posts.

The Rich Kids of Tehran live in a rarefied world of luxury. They’re young, glamorous and filthy rich: seemingly immune to vast gap between rich and poor in Iran, a country with a conservative reputation, where inflation is running at about 12 per cent, and 40 per cent of its young people are unemployed.

But the world of privilege they inhabit doesn’t insulate them from hate: with the 20-somethings who apparently parade their luxury cars and designer trinkets in the streets “before the eyes of the poor” now being blamed for adding fuel to the fire of bitter protests racking the country.

The civil protests have been borne out of economic hardship and political repression and are the biggest seen in Iran in almost a decade — since the disputed 2009 Iranian presidential election.

On Tuesday, a politician revealed Iranian security forces have arrested 3700 people in the past two weeks amid unrest which has spread to 50 cities as demonstrators rail against the establishment.

Some protesters called for the overthrow of the government, and at least 21 people were killed in clashes

While Iranian authorities say the unrest is easing, the hate for The Rich Kids of Tehran continues.

But seemingly oblivious or uncaring, the @therichkidsoftehran Instagram account continues to be updated with pictures and videos featuring designer outfits and selfies in front of sports cars.

Writing in The New York Times, Iranian journalist Amir Ahmadi Aranian said the rich kids appear oblivious to fellow Iranians who struggle to put food on the table: “They brazenly drive Porsches and Maseratis through the streets of Tehran before the eyes of the poor and post about their wealth on Instagram.”.

In a seemingly provocative post after those comments, RKOT posted an Instagram video showed a luxury pool, and again showed off images of raining cash and dollar signs. It was captioned: “This is RKOT if you’re politically frustrated exit this area like a fart”.

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