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Record-breaking heatwave for east coast

AS AN ex-cyclone continues to dump heavy rain on the Queensland coast, the southeast of Australia will be baking in a record-breaking autumn heatwave.

The sweltering conditions this weekend are tipped to break April temperature records for Sydney and Canberra — smashing the national capital’s previous record high in 2005 of 25.7C by more than 3C.

Sydneysiders might also want to fire up the barbecue because the mercury is tipped to hit 30C in the Harbour City over the next few days, which would beat the city’s warmest April day record by 3C.

The unseasonable weather — dubbed an autumn heatwave — will continue throughout the weekend and into the beginning of next week for the southeast of the country.

Sky News Weather chief meteorologist Tom Saunders predicts maximums of 35C for almost all of SA and in inland parts of Victoria and NSW.

Adelaide could hit 33C on Sunday and, in Canberra, it could reach 29C — meaning the state capitals will be 10C above the average temperatures for April.

Mr Saunders said the “unusual” temperatures in these areas could challenge the all-time April heat records.

“Maximum temperatures will be 10C above average over the next few days for southern Australia and that heat will continue due to a dominance of high pressure,” he said.

“That high will, most of the time, be sitting along the east coast which will lead to a northerly airstream.”

This means that hot air from the north of the country, where the mercury has topped 40C in recent days, will drift down to the south — and this is tipped to continue for a week.

Yesterday, cities in NSW such as Bombala (28.9C), Griffith (33.7C) and Albury (32.3C) saw eveidence of this as they sweltered through their hottest April day in 13 years.

However, it is a very different picture in Queensland, where there will be heavy rainfall along the central part of the coast today as ex-Tropical Cyclone Iris creeps north. The front weakened back to a tropical low overnight.

This will bring isolated showers of up to 100mm of rain, but is not expected to cause flooding.

“It (Iris) continues to hover off the Queensland coast,” Mr Saunders said. “It moved south, it moved north, it then moved south and now it is heading north again.

“We’re not expecting severe weather but we are expecting showers continuing for some eastern parts of Queensland.

“So gradually over the weekend, the heaviest falls will migrate to the central part of the coast up towards the northern tropical coast. The heavy rain and flooding will be offshore.”

Meanwhile, the southeast of the state will begin to clear up — bringing some respite for the fans and athletes at the Commonwealth Games.

An area of low pressure will bring clouds, cooler temperatures and rain to the country’s southeast by the end of next week.



A mostly sunny weekend in Victoria but a cold front will bring temperatures down to slightly below the March average. Temperatures will reach 22C on Saturday and 29C on Sunday.


A similar story in Tasmania with highs of 19C and 17C on Sunday with a chance of showers.


Slap on some sunscreen. It will be mostly sunny with a high of 29C tomorrow and a scorcher on Sunday — reaching 33C.


It’s looking like it’s going to be a very pleasant in Perth. Sunny days and temperatures hovering around 24-25C all through the weekend.


Thunderstorms and highs of 33-34C are tipped for Darwin over the weekend.


There is a possibility of showers across the weekend as thousands enjoy the Commonwealth Games. There will be highs of 28C on Saturday and 29C on Sunday.


It looks like it’s going to be very warm and very sunny in Sydney. The mercury will hit 28C tomorrow, dropping to 27C on Sunday and rising to 30C on Monday.


Mostly sunny and warm in the capital with the temperatures tipped to hit a maximum of 29C on both Saturday and Sunday.

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