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Fox News is getting its own streaming service called 'Fox Nation'

Fox News is the latest network to jump into the streaming service market because 24 hours of cable news apparently just isn’t enough for its legions of “superfans.” The network announced this week plans for the standalone subscription-only, streaming service, called Fox Nation. The company didn’t reveal a price for …

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Get ready for 3D posts in your Facebook News Feed

Facebook may be favored more by grandparents than teens these days, but the social network is taking steps to keep its interface innovative.  After announcing plans to allow 3D objects in Facebook posts at Oculus Connect 2017, Facebook is finally showing off the technology in action.  LEGO, Jurassic Park, Sony, …

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US students strive to save themselves

IT’s the scene of nightmares. Repetitive ones. The boots of a gunman echoing down a school hallway. The crash of doors being forced open. Gunfire. There’s a seemingly endless spate of school massacres in the United States. Students there have become so terrified at the prospect they will become the …

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