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Internet baffled by the simplest question

IF YOU think discovering the meaning to life is mankind’s most puzzling question, you obviously have never thought about how many holes there are in a drinking straw.

The question has recently been circulating social media thanks to a hilarious video in which two men can’t agree if there are one or two holes in a straw.

The argument offered no real closure, with commenters also confused by the question.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a hole is defined as a “hollow place in a solid body or surface” or an “aperture passing through something”.

These definitions give merit to the claim a straw has only one hole, with many social media users offering their own arguments.

But then there was those who offered solid counter arguments.

And finallially there was those who like to see the world burn.

Does a straw have one or two holes? Continue the conversation in the comments below or with Matthew Dunn on Facebook or Twitter.

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