How to Create a Free Online Store Using Instagram

Many are already enjoy looking and purchase goods online through Instagram, because of its fast arrive at door step. the next day the goods have arrived at your home home.

Spelled guns cool, be in serious mood. Spelled guns sophisticated, guns no online cart system (online shopping cart feature), I use Instagram also, in fact already convert so many sales.

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Maybe it’s really a simple joy.

So, the conclusion .. for those who want to have a website for selling online, still want to make a website use hard?

Here is the solution.
The principle is we make a practical online store, simple, and effective, as well as can update on one platform but can be automatically posted on the website and some social media sites.

Ease again, simply update via HP only, you do not need PC, laptop.. enough!

Why Instagram???

    – Suitable for lazy web content updates.

    – Suitable for the * sorry * feel clueless.

    – Suitable for those who want to be practical.

Here is how to start
1. Create an account on FACEBOOK, profile type, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. If you have all, go directly to the next step.

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2. Make a website selling (of course, who use the domain and hosting itself, then install WordPress). The tips can be read here: How to Create a Website.

3. Open an INSTAGRAM account, connect with TWITTER and FACEBOOK accounts.

4. Try a test post image products, goods selling in INSTAGRAM, and remember, click the icon twitter and facebook, so that posting can also appear in your facebook and twitter account just as you shared on instagram.

If the above steps succeed, then live how to make the posting earlier also appear on our sales website, AUTOMATIC.

With these steps, actually indirectly we also have made an online store in Instagram that contains images of our product catalog.

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Still want to go?

Keep listening, because the next step will be more exciting and exciting.

Bellow image is a demo showing how your products will look like.

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To bring up the status that contains the product of sale as I mentioned earlier, this time we will use WordPress website which we have added function with Instagram plugin.

Here are the steps how to create an online store Instagram;
1. Install Instagram plugin on our WordPress-based website, named Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon.

2. Go to Instagram Feed plugin settings menu by entering Access Token along with your Instagram account ID.

3. Retrieve the shortcode to display Instagram Image in the “Display Your Feed” column. The writing is like this; [Instagram-feed]

4. Create a page using the PAGES (Add New Page) menu, then COPY & PASTE this [instagram-feed] shortcode in the text entry field. Do not forget to SAVE.

5. Make this page as home page (Home Page), by going to menu SETTINGS -> READING. In this READING SETTINGS page there is an option labeled “Front page displays” Select the A STATIC PAGE, and for the FRONT PAGE option select the page we just created. For POSTS PAGE option select another page.

Well, be it already.. sales websites that support your INSTAGRAM.

Please, be imitated and please help share if it is useful.

Good luck!

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