How to Create a Blog Using Your Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop Computer

Welcome to another topic in the training series on how to create a blog in Nigeria using your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, I want to say, “welcome to my blog”. This blog is called ““. (Please take note of our web address). It’s a school where I teach internet business from scratch. I also show my readers legitimate ways to make money online at the comfort of their homes.

There are many ways you can make money online, but one of the ways is from blogging. So, if you will like to make money online, you may need to become a blogger (have your own blog).

Bloggers make money from so many channels such as Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, advertising, information marketing, email marketing, direct product sales and more…

I know you will like to make additional income this year.

That’s why I bring this lesson to you. The lesson contains step-by-guide on how to create a blog with illustrations. How to Create a Blog in Using Your Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop Computer

In our previous training, disused in detail on the topic  – How to make Money Online with facebook Page If you missed that topic, you can simple click here to read it.

In this training, I will tech you the step-by-step guide on how you can create a blog in Nigeria. This information is also applicable if you are not in Nigeria. I only use the word Nigeria to emphasize my target audience.

I will teach you how to create a blog using the two (2) popular blogging platforms – WordPress and Blogger.

After this training, you will be able to create your own blog. After creating your blog, you will be able to publish and see it on the world wide web.

Everything here is simple and you can even create a blog with your phone after this training.

Let’s start now …

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How to Create a Blog in Nigeria

Let’s start the training now.

Things you will need to create a blog are

(1) A device that connects to the internet: It may be any of the following
(a) Phone,
(b) iPad,
(c) Laptop with a modem or Wifi and
(d) Desktop Computer with a Modem or Wifi

(2) Blogging Software of Platform; In this training, a blogging software is the same as a blogging platform.

Like I earlier said, there are two popular blogging software or platforms. Of course, there are many other ones. But, I am going to teach you how to use the two popular ones.

There are;
(a) Blogger and
(b) WordPress

With the blogging tools mentioned above, you are now good to launch your first blog and start making money from it.

Let Start with Blogger …

How to Create a Professional Blog with Custom Domain

You can see the the lesson above was on how to create a free blog. But if you need a professional blog, you will need a little investment.

Let me show you…

You will need to buy a custom domain name. I recommend you get a free domain name when you buy hosting account from Godaddy. They offer professional WordPress Hosting services.

Then buy a professional premium theme from This will make your blog to have a feel of uniqueness.

You can also use free WordPress theme to start if you don’t have money to buy premium theme.

Then you do the minor customization and SEO. See guide on how to grow your blog.

That’s all you need to start publishing on your professional blog.

It will look like this blog you are reading now.

That’s it and I will say… Congratulations! You now have a blog. Click the link below to read further on how to make money from your blog.

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Important: See the Best Web Hosting Company for New Bloggers

How to Create a blog with Blogger

Blogger is a blogging software owned by the Big G – Google. I actually started blogging on blogger. So, I recommend that you start here.

Here is a step-by step guide on how to create a blog using blogger.

  • First, create an account with Google here (if you don’t have Google account already)

Note that a single username and password from Google account will gets you into everything that is own by Google.

You will use that single Google account to have access to all Google products such as Blogger, GMail, Google Doc, Google Earth, AdSense, YouTube, FeedBurner, Google Drive and many more…

If you already have a GMail account, this will be useful now. You can use it to create a blog on Blogger.

If you don’t have the Google account already, simply signup in Google account and you are ready to start.

Now that you have Google account, visit

Confirm your profile and click continue to Blogger

After confirming your profile, you will be taken to where you will proceed to the final 5 steps to create your blog on blogger.

  1. type in your blog Name
  2. Type in your blog website address (URL)
  3. Conform that your website address is available
  4. Choose the theme
  5. Click Create Blog  

Important: See the Best Web Hosting Company for New Bloggers

You are done! You have finish creating your new blog on blogger.

Please note that you blog name url will be something like You can still use this to make any amount of money you need.

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But I overheard it in Google product forum that Google AdSense team does not accept .Blogspot blog again in their AdSense acceptance.

So, you may need to get a free domain name when you buy web hosting account from Godaddy.

Let’s continue on the how to create a free blog using WordPress.

How to Create a blog FREE with WordPress

With WordPress, you can also create a free blog.

There are three blogging platforms in WordPress. These are; Free domain (with custom domain alternative), hosted on WordPress. – FREE Fully optimized self-Hosted WordPress powered website or blog. – NOT FREE

WordPress VIP: Enterprise Hosting Powered WordPress Sites. – NOT FREE

For absolute beginners, I usually advise that you should try your hands on the free option so that you can use that to learn the basics before paying.

But if you want to get something outstanding at once, I will advice you to chose your self-hosted WordPress blog. I can set it up for you  in no time.

Follow the step-by-step guide below;

(1) Visit:

(2) Click on create a blog

(3) Fill in your blog name and check if it’s available

(4) Click Create Your Site and Continue

(5) Fill in your information needed and click Create a Blog

You are done!

Please note that your blog name will be something like –

Of course, you can change this to but still hosting free on

Note: There are limitations to free hosting.

You will not be able to have absolute control over everything on your site. Of course, with wordpress free hosting, you will not be able to participate in AdSense programme.

Important: See the Best Web Hosting Company for New Bloggers


In this training, we have learn how to create a blog on WordPress and Blogger using any of our devices – Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop Computer.

In the next training, I will teach you how to create a self hosted blog on WordPress.

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See you on top. Cheers 🙂

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