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Why Did Elon Musk Delete His Facebook Pages?

This week’s revelations about a British political consultancy’s use of data from 50 million Facebook users for potentially shady purposes has prompted many people to declare they will quit the social network in protest. One of the newest additions to the bandwagon is Elon Musk, the wealthy entrepreneur with companies …

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Uber’s Collision, Facebook’s Disgrace

It has been a wretched week for the American technology industry. There is the big story: the double revelation that Cambridge Analytica, ostensibly a voter-profiling company, used data from 49.5 million Facebook accounts without securing users’ permission; and that thousands of third-party developers who once built seemingly innocuous apps on …

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Burn calories while helping the environment

Sacramento’s Eco Fitness will help you turn calories into watts. Their cycling class uses SportsArt’s ‘ECO-POWR’ equipment to power energy to the gym. Each cycle has a micro-inverter that connects to the battery, providing the gym with electricity. 

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