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Picture sums up coldest place on Earth

IF THERE was ever a picture that encapsulated the tiny Russian town of Oymyakon, it’s a man standing in front of the town’s new electronic thermometer that broke after temperatures got too cold for it. The device was installed in Oymyakon as a tourist attraction due to the extreme depths …

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You'll never have to pick up a tennis ball ever again

‘Tennibot’ is an autonomous tennis ball collector that’s basically a Rumba for your tennis court. The bot uses cameras and sensors to detect the ball and comes with an app so you can specify where on the court you want to collect. Read more… More about Sports, Ces, Mashable Video, …

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At last, good news for African elephants

WITH massive tusks that touched the ground, Satao towered over the rest of his herd. One of the last great “tuskers”, the beast estimated to be around 50 years old was heralded as Kenya’s biggest, oldest, and arguably most iconic elephant. Tourists from around the world would flock to see …

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