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Cassowary road warnings

REPORTS of cassowaries making their way roadside around Kuranda in search for food, for the first time in about six months, has prompted calls for road users to slow down and be aware.

Motorists have taken to social media to share numerous cassowary sightings, including Caitlin Mackland who said that she saw a cassowary on the Kuranda Range Road near the lookout.

Other residents have also reported seeing juvenile cassowaries roadside.

Jax Bergersen of Kuranda Conservation said it’s believed there were about 40 cassowaries in the area that would start to become more active over the next six months.

“We’ve only had about half a dozen sightings so far,” she said.

“They (cassowaries) all disappear a for about six months, there’s no sightings … we don’t know where they go and then they come out again about this time of year.

“So for the next 6 months we could be seeing plenty of birds on the road and in backyards.”

Ms Bergersen encouraged anyone that spots a cassowary to report it to the ‘Kuranda Range Updates! — Cassowary Sightings’ Facebook page.

She said from there she will be alerted of the sighting, where she will collect data and erect an awareness sign at the location.

“Drive slowly by all means and have a look at the bird, it will usually be confronted by so many cars that it will move along,” she said.

“We’ve been fairly lucky that we haven’t had any deaths that I know of on the roads … but it’s only a matter of time.”

Ms Bergersen said she’d been working with various organisations to discuss measures such as fencing and removing fig trees along the Kuranda Range Road to stop cassowaries from walking out onto the road.

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