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Anger over fundraising page for assault fine

A COMMUNITY fundraising page to help Joanne Voller, mother of former Don Dale detainee Dylan, pay a $2000 fine incurred for an assault on a prison guard has sparked outrage on social media.

Victorian Zuni Lukto has so far raised $1095 for Ms Voller, who faced court in Alice Springs last week.

He raised $1000 on Fundrazr before having to move his efforts to the website, after the initial site was shut down.

“Let’s all chip in and help pay Joanne’s fine! Her recent conviction is part of an ongoing campaign of harassment against her for speaking out against the brutal torture her son suffered in the notorious Don Dale youth detention centre,” he implores to potential donors.

He then explains the move.

“We already raised $1000 for Joanne’s fine on Fundrazr but unfortunately the page came under attack from some vile racists from the Northern Territory who left some pretty sickening abuse in the comments section of the page. They also reported the page and as a result the campaign was suspended,” he wrote. “The good news is that Fundrazr let us keep the money we had raised … and recommended that we transfer the campaign over to here at Funded Justice ….”

But the effort has been met with some criticism on social media. One commentator wrote on Facebook: “Every time you open a new campaign, we will continue to report it! Trying to get the community to pay your government issued fine after you assaulted a prisoner officer; are you that daft?”

On the Alice Springs Community Open Forum, a debate which included Ms Voller’s daughter Kirra erupted.

Kirra responded: “It’s okay she already received most of the money … keep getting your feelings hurt lol.”

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