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8 Essential WordPress Plugin Your Website/Blog Needs – 2017

One of the advantages of WordPress installed in the domain and hosting itself (self hosted), is the use of PLUGIN which allows us to add certain functions as needed.

Examples can be used to add online store functions, create moving images, create ad slots, tighten website security, and so forth.

This plugin can also we referred to as additional applications, like weapons that can be changed according to the battlefield.

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Well, to know what plugins that can be used in this WordPress, we can see in the WordPress plugin catalog already provided by WordPress.org. Try click here.

If I’m not mistaken, until now there is a range of 35,000+ plugins and made by various developers from various parts of the world. And the good news, all the plugins are there we can use for free.

Incredible yes!

One Of the many plugins that, as long as I use WordPress until now, there are some plugins that I use most on every WordPress website that I make.

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All of these plugins have largely represented the standard website creation needs that I do.

Among others;

    #1. To speed up website load.
    #2. Tighten website security.
    #3. Enable the management of SEO ONPAGE.
    #4. Create a contact form
    #5. Integration with social media

Perhaps you need, here are some recommended WordPress plugins that must be installed on our WordPress site.

    1. WordPress SEO by YOAST
    2. WP Super Cache
    3. Akismet
    4. iThemes Security
    5. Contact Forms 7
    6. Jetpack
    7. Genesis Simple Share
    8. Simple Social Icons

Yes, that’s some of the recommended WordPress plugins to use in my version. Of course you can increase or reduce it yourself as needed.

But, there’s one more plugin I want to suggest and this is important, but honestly it’s also rarely I use. That is a plugin to backup our website files and databases. I have not found a match right now. Soonest, I’ll add later there can be a review.

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Okay, maybe it was from me. Perhaps anyone would add, please fill in the comments field.

When these tips are felt useful, please help SHARE so more people will get the benefits.

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